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Guaranteed Rent

What is guaranteed rent? This is a question we hear a lot with many people believing it to be an insurance product, but its much more than that. Cornerstone Property Group will become your tenant, singing a lease directly between us and you, as the landlord. We will be responsible for your rent month in, month out - regardless of weather the property is empty of not.

If you're a landlord who doesn't want the stress of dealing with void periods & tenants not paying their rent, this scheme is for you. We can offer you guaranteed rent for up to a 5 year period. Our Free Property Management means we don't charge any monthly commissions, increasing your rental income potentially for the next 60 months.

"As an experienced landlord I can testify that I have benefited greatly from Cornerstone Property Group's rent guarantee and other benefits such as peace of mind free property management service for over a year. I'm planning to be with Cornerstone for many years."

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At Cornerstone Property Group, we sincerely believe that our Guaranteed Rent Scheme offers a no hassle, stress-free landlord experience. Removing the burden that being a hands-on landlord provides and allowing you to enjoy the finer things in life, whilst having complete peace of mind that your property is in good hands.

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