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As an experienced landlord I can testify that I have benefited greatly from Cornerstone Property Group's rent guarantee and other benefits such as peace of mind free property management service for over a year. I'm planning to be with Cornerstone for many years.

Mr F Kudjoe Landlord
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Cornerstone are a great alternative to the traditional estate agent, we have used them for two years now and are satisfied with them and recommend them to other landlords. They pay attention to our needs and are always prompt with communication. The guaranteed rent brings peace of mind and there is payment for void periods.

Mrs Y Akinpelu Landlord
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We would like to say that we appreciated your speedy response in resolving an issue with some difficult tenants. You have made life much easier for us with your guaranteed rent policy and efficient management of the property.

Mr F Pitt Landlord
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Cornerstone have had a few of my properties for around 2 years now under their rent guaranteed rent option. I have nothing but positive words about the service received so far. Guaranteed rent brings me piece of mind and is a great alternative to the traditional form of property rental. It provides me with zero void periods and the confidence knowing that I will receive a payment on a set date regardless of whether the property has tenants or not. All bills and maintenance are covered by Cornerstone which is also a huge plus. I have a large property portfolio however the properties I have given to Cornerstone are by far the easiest and most hands off investments I have. As a Landlord all I want is to have my rent paid to me on time and my investments looked after which this company does with laser precision. They are always friendly and welcoming and I have no issue recommending Cornerstone to other property owners! Keep up the good work guys.

Mr J Garcha Landlord
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Very happy with the service. Rent paid on time and they deliver on promises. Highly recommended to any prospective landlord.

Mr S Mercieca Landlord
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I have several properties let to cornerstone ,I have been with them from the start ,as a busy landlord I find it easier to give my properties to cornerstone on a contract ,the money is paid monthly and I have had little problem , I would recommend them if you are looking for a fixed rent without the headaches

Mr M Hill Landlord
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I was recommended Cornerstone Property Group through a relative who has held a long standing relationship with them. CPG offer services that are attractive to landlords, in particular the standouts are fast and efficient tenancy agreement, approachable and easily contactable company representatives and good communication channels.

Mr R Cochrane Landlord
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Been with them almost a year and to date the service has been really good. Great peace of mind and no issues with rent payments. Would definitely recommend and would be open to Cornerstone managing / leasing any of my future property acquisitions!

Mr V Rey Landlord
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Good reliable property management for peace of mind, good communications to both landlord and tenants. I changed to Cornerstone after being stitched up by my previous agent and they are a breath of fresh air.

Mr P Humphrey Landlord